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Axis Distributor and Partner in UAE

Numero is a leading Axis supplier and partner in UAE, Middle East and Africa. We are trusted partner that offers a full suits of Axis products with the best cost.

Axis is the industry leader in video surveillance, they develop and supply innovative network solutions that improve security and business performance. Axis provides network solutions in video surveillance, access control, intercom, and audio systems. 

As a leading distributer and supplier for Axis products in UAE Middle East and Africa, we provide a wide range of axis products as below.

  • Networks Cameras which includes Dome cameras, Thermal Cameras, Modular Camersa, Onboard Cameras, Box Cameras, Panoramic Camersa, Bullet Cameras etc.
  • Network Intercoms which includes Axis Network Intercoms, 2N Intercoms
  • Access Control which includes Access Control Management Software, Card Readers, Network I/O Relay modules, Network Door Controllers, Credentials
  • Network Audo which includes Network Speakers, Audio Mangement Software, Audio System Device, 2N SIP Mic
  • System Devices which includes People Counters, Network Switches, Video Decoders, Video Encoders, I/O Devices, Audio/Visual Alerters
  • Video Management Softwares which includes Axis Camera Station , Axis Optimizer for Seimens, Axis Companion, Axis Optimizer for Milestone