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Pure Storage

Pure Storage Reseller in UAE

Numero is a leading Pure Storage reseller in UAE who offers IT Consultancy, design, and development as well as professional services and hardware deployment and maintenance.

Pure Storage is a company that specializes in enterprise data storage and flash storage solutions. They offer a range of products designed to meet the needs of modern data-intensive applications. Here are some of the key product offerings from Pure Storage:

  1. FlashArray: FlashArray is Pure Storage’s flagship product line. It is an all-flash storage array designed for high-performance and low-latency data storage. FlashArray provides scalable storage capacity and offers advanced data services such as deduplication, compression, and encryption.
  2. FlashBlade: FlashBlade is a scalable, all-flash storage platform specifically designed for unstructured data. It provides high-performance storage for file and object workloads, making it suitable for use cases such as AI and machine learning, analytics, and modern data-driven applications.
  3. Pure1: Pure1 is a cloud-based management and support platform for Pure Storage products. It provides centralized management, monitoring, analytics, and predictive intelligence for Pure Storage arrays. Pure1 allows administrators to easily manage and optimize their storage infrastructure from a single interface.
  4. Evergreen Storage: Pure Storage’s Evergreen Storage model offers a subscription-based storage ownership experience. With Evergreen Storage, customers can upgrade and expand their storage infrastructure without disruptive forklift upgrades or data migrations. This model enables customers to stay up to date with the latest storage technology and maintain a consistent level of performance and capacity.
  5. DirectFlash Modules: DirectFlash Modules are NVMe-based flash storage modules that can be added to Pure Storage arrays to enhance performance and capacity. They provide low-latency and high-bandwidth storage for demanding workloads.
  6. Pure1 Meta: Pure1 Meta is a cloud-based global intelligence platform that collects and analyzes metadata from Pure Storage arrays across the globe. It uses machine learning and AI algorithms to provide predictive analytics, proactive support, and actionable insights for improving storage performance and efficiency.