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As a prominent IT products suppliers in Dubai, Numero Systems comprehends the paramount importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital landscape. At Numero Systems, we prioritize cybersecurity solutions aimed at safeguarding businesses against potential threats and unauthorized access. Collaborating with leading tech giants like Oracle, as an esteemed Oracle Partner and serving as a reliable Fujitsu supplier, we strive to deliver robust cybersecurity solutions that protect businesses against evolving cyber threats.

Fortifying Digital Perimeters

Network security forms the cornerstone of cybersecurity strategies, encompassing technologies and measures that shield networks from unauthorized access, data breaches, and cyber threats. It involves deploying firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and encryption techniques to secure data in transit.

Surveillance and Access Control

Surveillance and access control mechanisms are critical for monitoring activities within networks and limiting unauthorized access. Implementing robust access control policies and employing surveillance tools ensure real time visibility into network activities, enabling prompt responses to potential threats. As a trusted Oracle partner in UAE, we ensure that all your gadget a built with high end security. End Point Device Security focuses on safeguarding individual devices connected to the network, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Endpoint security solutions protect these devices from malware, unauthorized access, and data breaches, ensuring comprehensive network protection.

Verifying and Controlling Access

Identity Management solutions manage and authenticate user identities and their access levels within an organization’s network. By implementing strong authentication protocols and centralized identity management systems, organizations can prevent unauthorized access and data breaches. Ensuring secure communication between devices and implementing measures to safeguard data transmitted by IoT devices are imperative to prevent potential vulnerabilities. Application Security aims to secure software and applications from vulnerabilities and cyber threats. Our solutions encompass secure coding practices, frequent vulnerability assessments, and efficient patch management to fortify applications against potential cyber threats.


Cybersecurity comprises various aspects crucial for protecting organizations’ digital assets and infrastructure. At Numero Systems, as Oracle partners and Fujitsu suppliers in UAE, we provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions encompassing network security, surveillance, endpoint device security, identity management, IoT security, and application security. Our commitment is to offer advanced, fast and reliable cybersecurity solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses, ensuring robust protection against modern cyber threats. Partner with us to fortify your organization’s cybersecurity posture and safeguard your digital assets effectively.

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